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* Zara Lux Bed

* Zara Lux Bed

About us

LuxCasa is the Europe's fastest growing luxury furniture brand distributed in over 19 countries. We've decorated the most luxury homes and hotels in Europe and North America. Our products has been featured in numerous TV shows and movies. Besides our ready-made designs, we offer customization and individual design services to make your home or business space even more exclusive.

At LuxCasa, we believe that luxury life is an experience, an experience of exclusive quality in a beautiful and comfortable environment. A harmony of beauty, comfort and quality. We design and create our products adopting the perfection of nature, together with preserving it.

LuxCasa Finland / Nordania Oy
Business ID: 2435595-7
Domicile: Helsinki

Postal address:
PL 187
Helsinki, 00811

Harkkoraudantie 10
Helsinki, 00700

Customer support:
Tel. 045-163-11-11 (Mon-Fri 10.15-18.00)
E-mail: info @